Scapegoat (Short Film 2016)

Written and Directed by: Martin Thuernau

Edited by: William Lundahl (also Director Assistant and Production Manager)


A spooky woman on the quest to save a hungry and petty thief from the gun of a fanciful huntsman.

"Love, Dad" (Short film, 2014)

Directed by William Lundahl. 

Starring: Nina Weniger, Vinja Persdotter
Hollywood Festival of New Cinema (2015) - Short Film

Star Lite Film Festival (2015) - Student Film Competition. Nominated for "Best Foreign Student Short".






What is Swedish Midsummer (Documentary, 2014)




"The Buzzer" (Short Thriller, 2015)

Directed / Edited by William Lundahl. 

A short film made by us at MET Film School Berlin as an exercise, where we were given a script and challenged to turn it into a thriller.

Cast: Michael Epp and Lea Fassbender
Written by: Hal Cantor



"A Skype Call" (Short Film, 2014 - MET Film School)

Directed by William Lundahl

Camera by: Jessica Sattabongkot
Shot and edited in one day as a school exercise.




"Fina Moln" (Short Film, 2012) - Sound

Starring: James Vasseur, Joakim Lang, Danne Sundman

Directed by: Simon Holmström

Written by: Simon Holmström, Ilo Toivio, Yrla Hanström

Camera by: Tobias Nilsson

Sound by: William Lundahl