I am William Lundahl, a 26-year-old production sound mixer and boom operator based at

Pinewood Studios, England. Currently employed by the company Actors Studio UK.


I have experience as a photographer and camera operator for Swedish Television (SVT).



In Sweden, I worked as a photographer and a camera-operator for the SVT production

Kreativitet med Alexander Ekman, and have filmed content for SVT Sportspegeln, SVT Babel, 

SVT concert with First Aid Kit, Kronos Quartet, and SVT Nyheter during 2017.

Photos by: William Lundahl

In 2014, I directed a short film, Love, Dad, which was nominated for "Best Foreign Student Short" at the Star Lite Film Festival in Florida (2015) and screened at the Hollywood Film Festival of New Cinema in California (2015). 

I assisted as a Steadicam-operator for The Bombhunters (Die Bombenjäger), directed by Rick Minnich, which aired on German television in March, 2015. I also got recognition for my short ad The Most Kissable Lips, for the Swiss company Lipvir® which was produced during the spring of 2014. 


I hold a Bachelor of Arts with Honors from MET Film School, through University of West London. I attended the International Baccalaureate program at Quality School International of Shekou until 2013. I took the Chinese Ruman A program at Shenzhen University during 2016. During 2017, I attended the USC Warner Brothers Directing Program in Burbank, California.